Welcome to the website of Brentwood Catholic Youth Service.

We facilitate Catholic Youth Ministry across the Diocese of Brentwood at our diocesan youth retreat centre at Walsingham House in Canvey Island,  at our youth events and in our parishes.


Bishop Thomas McMahon recently asked the Youth Service to consult with you in reviewing and developing its mission of evangelisation (sharing the goodnews of Jesus Christ) to young people. This consultation aims to build on the 2009 ‘Be like Bright Stars’ a resource document for parish based youth ministry and the 2006 ‘Put out in the deep’ vision document.

Thank you to all the people who responded from across the diocese, your constructive comments, will be of considerable benefit in hopefully generating a renewed set of priorities for youth ministry in our diocese, particularly in your parishes over the next several years.

We are grateful to the many people who have contributed to the development of the Youth Service since its inception, especially its previous directors. We will look forward in implementing the renewed vision that is outlined by our Bishop in light of your feedback.

Kevin Ferros
Director, Brentwood Diocese Youth Service